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Rabac, the pearl of the Kvarner Bay, is a well-known tourist center on the eastern coast of Istria located circa 3.5 km from Labin. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, which is made possible with an excellent location in the sheltered bay, picturesque stone houses, beautiful surroundings, breathtaking views attracted travel writer and wanderer already in the 19th century.

Tourism started to develop in the mid-20s of the 20th century with the construction of the first large hotels and renting rooms / private accommodation in private homes. Like the rest of Istria intensive tourism development occurs in the 60s of the 20th century, when the beautiful Rabac with its over 4 km of beaches due to its natural beauty, got the flattering name of ‘The Pearl of Kvarner.

Today, Rabac is a tourist town with a beautiful coastal walk, with the preserved Mediterranean vegetation, about 15 hotels, apartment complexes, camping sites and the excellent range of private accommodation as well as numerous restaurants. Rabac is also an excellent gastronomic, sports and entertainment location. The site offers numerous excursions, especially when it comes to visiting medieval towns such as Labin, Plomin and Pićan which are particularly well-preserved medieval acropolis allowing visitors feel of the times long lost.

Apartments Klara Rabac are an ideal accommodation for those who want to spend holiday by the sea, relax and enjoy the summer. The apartments are located in a quiet part of Rabac, only 300 meters away from the sea boasting a beautiful sea view. We have years of experience in renting apartments and have served many satisfied customers from all over Europe. Welcome.

Studio apartment / private accommodation Rabac for 2 person 25 sqm
Studio apartment / private accommodation Rabac for 2 + 1 person 35 sq.m.
Apartment / private accommodation for Rabac 2 + 1 person 35 sq.m.
Apartment / private accommodation for Rabac 4 + 1 person 60 sq.m.

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